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Criminal Investigations

Crimina - Driscoll Investigations
Driscoll Investigations, Inc. is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a CPCS and CJA vendor.  We work with attorneys to get the information and evidence needed so they can build the best possible defense for their clients. Driscoll Investigations, Inc. has proven to be instrumental in the outcomes of many criminal cases at trial. This includes the acquittal of many defendants and the dismissal of many cases. The combination of our extensive background research services, our interview techniques, and our communication skills have enabled us to achieve successful outcomes. We have proven to be able to locate and gain the cooperation of many “hostile witnesses” who have been crucial to the investigation. Our staff is qualified and competent to provide court testimony when necessary to further enhance our investigations.
When Driscoll Investigations, Inc. receives an assignment, we work closely with the attorney to develop an investigative strategy. We work hard to assure due process for all and to make sure that justice is obtained. Throughout the investigation, our staff keeps the attorney informed and makes suggestions that will enhance the client’s defense. Driscoll Investigations, Inc. specializes in finding the “missing puzzle piece” to ensure the attorney is able to deliver the best possible defense.
Driscoll Investigations, Inc. will immediately handle your investigative request. We believe it is extremely important to get our investigators into the field and at the scene as quickly as possible in order to gather all possible evidence which may exist. This includes locating video recordings and locating potential witnesses. Our investigation is not complete until we have located all possible witnesses and gathered all of the evidence.
Remember, information and evidence are the two most important aspects of a case. We strive to provide the attorney with all the necessary information and evidence to win the case and to establish the truth. Allow Driscoll Investigations, Inc. to handle your investigations and to get you the answers that you need. Together, we can build the best possible defense for our clients.