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Insurance surveillance investigations - Driscoll Investigations

Workers Compensation:

Workers compensation fraud is a major crime in America today.  These false claims cost companies millions of dollars each year. Driscoll Investigations, Inc. will conduct surveillance to document a subjects daily activities. We are frequently able to document the subject working at another job, doing yard work or home repairs, playing sports or engaged in other strenuous activities. At the completion of the surveillance the client will receive a detailed written report documenting the surveillance. The report will contain still images of all activities observed and the client will be provided with a DVD of the video obtained. Driscoll Investigations, Inc. has the credentials and expertise required to testify in court if necessary.

Slip and Fall/Personal Injury:

Unfortunately people do have accidents and the consequences of these accidents can be devasting. In today’s society we are seeing an increase in individuals attempting to “make a quick buck” by filing false personal injury claims.  Driscoll Investigations, Inc. will conduct a detailed investigation to include interviewing all involved parties, to determine if an accident did in fact occur. We will go to the actual accident scene and perform a thorough investigation to include obtaining video and photographic evidence. We will do what ever is necessary to prove or deny a subsequent claim.
Insurance slip and fall investigations - Driscoll Investigations